Tyre Sizes    

 • Car tyre sizes are normally shown as "185/65R15 88H". These can be 
  found on the side wall of your existing tyre or in your vehicle handbook. 

• The first number, in this case "185", denotes the width of the tyre at its 
  widest point, in millimetres.

• The next number, shown here as "65", is the ratio of the tyres sidewall 
   height to the width of the tyre, shown as a percentage. In this case 
   the sidewall height would be 65% of the width.
• The "R" stands for radial. A lack of letter means you are dealing with a 
   cross-ply tyre.

• The third number after the R, in this example "15", is the diameter of 
   the wheel the tyre is designed to fit, in inches (yes, tyre sizes are a 
   combination of metric and imperial units!)

• The next part, "88H", denotes the load and speed ratings. The number 
   is the load rating and the letter is the speed rating.     
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